• Call management

    All the call management features you need: hold, mute, redial, speed dial, extension dial, transfer, Do-Not-Disturb, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forwarding.

  • Auto Attendant

    Allow callers to be automatically transferred to an extension using a simple menu system (“for sales, press 1, for service, press 2, etc.).

  • Call Groups

    efficiently handle calls amongst a team or department. You can set a group ring strategy for your group so calls can be managed across the whole team and your calls will never reach a voice mailbox again.

  • Music on hold

    customize your callers’ on-hold experience with music.

  • Conferencing

    allow multiple parties to join a phone call

  • Dial-by-Name Directory

    Create a company directory for callers to reach employees by spelling their names via touch tones.

  • Call Parking

    Call Park makes it easy for you to park a call on your phone system for you or a coworker to pick up on another phone

  • Voicemail-to-Email

    Voicemail to email ensures that you never miss an important message again. All of your messages are automatically sent as an attachment to the email inbox of your choosing.

  • Simul-ring

    Have one phone number simultaneously ring your desk phone and your cellphone or any other phone you’d like.

  • Time-of-Day routing

    Route calls to different locations based on the time of day when a call is made. For example, during business hours, calls can route to an office, and after hours, calls can go directly to a voicemail.

  • CallerID

    View caller’s information and set CallerID for outgoing calls.

  • HD Audio support

    Support for HD audio resulting in call quality which is noticeably superior to conventional phone calls

  • E911

    E911 emergency calling is available to Summit Voice users